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刘 倩莹

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I am now a doctor candidate at Kyoto University, majoring in Intelligence Science and Technology, working under the supervision of Sadao Kurohashi at Kurohashi-Chu-Murawaki’s lab.

I received my bachelor degree at School of Mathematical Science, Peking University, majoring in Information and Computing Science. I received a double major bachelor degree in Computer Science from School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science, PKU. I previously worked under the supervision of Sujian Li at the Institute of Computational Linguistics. During my master period, my supervisor was Daisuke Kawahara.

I joined Kurohashi-Kawahara’s lab as a summer intern during 2017.7-2017.9.

Email: ying at nlp dot ist dot i dot kyoto-u dot ac dot jp

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Research Interest:

Please contact me if you have any ideas in the field of digital humanities and you are seeking for a programmer :)